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Race Technology Dl1 Data Acquisition System And Performance Analyzer on

US $375.00

Orlando, Florida, United States

Orlando, Florida, United States

I have a gently used Race Technology DL1.  Bought this used about a year ago, tested it a few times, then sold my race car before implementing. Includes the CAN interface option to run with aftermarket ECU or OEM OBD.  I will not go into the capabilities, you can check out their website.  It is an older DL1 Mk2 but really not that much difference from the Mk3 box they sell now.  Become a data geek at your next autox or race event!  You can also add their DASH2 lcd screen and have full data readout on your dash. All the analysis software is available on their website and is very powerful. 

Specifications from their website:

MemoryCompact flash type I. Data in FAT16 PC format. Minimum card size 32MB, maximum card size 2GB (limited by FAT16).
GPSOutputs position, speed, position accuracy and speed accuracy every 200ms with no interpolation. GPS tracking loops optimised for applications up to about 4g. tracking of all satellites in view.
GPS AntennaMagnetic base, 3.3v active antenna with SMA connector.
Analogue Inputs8 external inputs, all 12 bit resolution and 0-12v. All inputs are protected to twice maximum input voltage.
Frequency Inputs4 external frequency inputs with a maximum input frequency >2kHz. Hardware dividers of 4 or 16 to average readings if required. Triggering voltage requires a low input of <1v and a high input of >4v and 15v maximum.
Lap Beacon InputTriggering voltage requires a low input of <1v and a high input of >4v and 15v maximum.
Start Sample InputInput requires grounding to start sampling and again to stop sampling.
Sample Status OutputOpen collector output with a maximum current of 50mA.
Power Supply Requirements12v nominal input, minimum of 10v, maximum of 15v. Current consumption of about 180mA including GPS, dependant on compact flash card size +5v Reference Out Maximum current draw 100mA, tolerance 1%.
Ignition In Signal (High Level)Triggered by fast voltage transients. Can be connected directly to the low tension side of the ignition coil, or capacitively coupled to the high-tension side.
Ignition In Signal (Low Level)Triggering voltage requires a low input of <1v and a high input of >4v and 15v maximum. Suitable for connection directly to most ECU tacho outputs. Maximum input frequency >300Hz.
Case ConstructionExtruded aluminium anodised black, nominal case thickness 2mm. End panels CNC cut carbon fibre.
Connector Type3.5mm pitch screw connectors
Main Processor24MHz RISC with embedded flash program memory
GPS Serial PortUser configurable for baud rate and messages. Factory set at 4800 baud and outputting NMEA messages of $GPRMC and $GPGGA,
DL1 Serial PortsPort 1 fixed at a baud rate of 115200 baud. Whilst logging outputs all data from all channels at 100Hz. Also used for re flashing, diagnostics and configuration. Port 2 used for inputting RS232 data for storage during a run, from an ECU, OBDII adapter or any other compatible device.
Accelerometers3 axis, precision digital output. Guaranteed 2g minimum full scale on both axes. Resolution of 0.005g. Optional 6g sensor available as a factory option.
VibrationFactory tested at 25g, 50Hz sinusoid for 5 minutes (without compact flash card inserted).
TemperatureFactory tested from -20oC to 70oC
Dimensions107mm wide, 68mm deep (excluding rear connectors), 30mm high

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