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Rental Fender Roller Lip Forming Rolling Tool Eastwood Rent Return Label Incl. on

US $45.00

Shorewood, Illinois, US

Shorewood, Illinois, US

Please read this entire description, A deposit is required for the rental of this fender roller.

This listing is for the FIVE DAY RENTAL of an Eastwood Fender Roller Tool with lug washers and heat gun. These items are for rent, not for sale.
I recommend that you do a YouTube search for "fender rolling" and check out some of the videos there, I've found a few very helpful tips that might help you to get the best results.
The Eastwood fender Roller Tool bolts directly to hub flange. Elongated holes in adapter plate fit most popular 4 and 5 bolt hubs, and are held in place with the included lug washers and conical style lug nuts. It will accommodate up to a 120.6 mm (4.75 inch) 4 and 5 lug bolt circles. Please make sure you know your bolt pattern size will fit this fender rollers accommodations before renting tool, if you are not sure just ask me and I'll do my best to find out for you. NOTE: This fender roller will accommodate vehicles with 14mm studs, But some larger bolt patterns such as 5-120mm bolt patterns using 14mm studs will not fit this fender roller. Again, Please make sure your bolt pattern will fit this fender rollers accommodations. If you don't ask me to double check it for you then you do assume all risk that the fender roller may not fit your vehicle. Also please make sure your vehicle does have fenders that can be rolled, not all cars have enough material to be rolled or might have plastic, welds or tabs that might get in the way of being able to roller your fenders. It is the renters responsibility to make sure this tool will work for their project.
Forming arm adjusts from 14 inch to 22 3/4 inches. Ball bearing forming roller is tough enough to form the fender without damaging the paint. To prevent paint from cracking when forming wheel arches It is recommended to gently heat the paint before forming.

Here's how the rental works:
Cost for the rental is $45.00 and you have five (5) full days to use it. The day you receive the package and the day you drop the package off for return will not count against your rental time. Should you decide to keep the tool for any extra time the cost per day will only be $10.00 a day and will simply be taken out of your deposit.

An IMMEDIATE deposit of $200.00 via PayPal is required for the rental of the tool. Do not use the buy it now option if you don't intend to send the deposit as I WILL NOT send you the fender roller without it. If the deposit is not sent within 24 hours the fender roller rental will be re-listed on eBay. In this event, if the fender roller is rented by another customer prior to your deposit being made, then the fender roller will be shipped to you at its earliest availability.
This deposit is refunded to you within 24 hours, minus the return shipping charge of $16.00 via PayPal when I receive the tool and everything else included in the same and working condition as when you received them. This is very simple, take care of the tool as if it was your own so there are no problems. I'm not here to screw anyone out of their deposit, if the tool comes back with a broken, damaged or unusable part I will work with you to have the part repaired or replaced.

Shipping charge is $16.00 each way (total shipping is $32.00) and covers shipping to you anywhere in the Continental United States as well as the shipping back to me. A prepaid return shipping label will be included in the package so you wont have to pay anything else for shipping. You will be charged $16.00 at checkout and $16.00 will simply be taken out of your deposit when the fender roller is returned. If you live outside the continental United States please contact me and I'll be happy give you an accurate shipping price. The package will be shipped via FedEx, this makes the return very easy for you as the package can be dropped off for return at FedEx Kinko's, FedEx Office or OfficeMax locations that have FedEx inside the store. Package CAN NOT be shipped to a P.O. box and I do recommend having the tool shipped to your business address. In the event that the return day falls on a day that it is impossible for you to drop the package off, like a holiday where a FedEx location is closed, you will not be charged for that day. local pickup can be arranged and is welcome. In the event that a local pickup is arranged, pick and drop-off days will not count against your rental time.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Now here's the Legal Disclaimer stuff:
By completing this auction you, the renter, are agreeing that I, the owner, am not liable for any damage to any person, personal property or Eastwood Fender Roller as a result of the use or misuse of any of these tools. It is understood that the renter or anyone using these tools are fully aware of how they operate and how to properly/safely operate them. The renter fully understands how the deposit works as well as the rental and shipping costs. The renter understands that if any or all of the items included in this auction are lost, stolen, not returned or damaged beyond repair then the renter will forfeit partial or all of the deposit made.

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