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Replacement 3-micron Spin-on Filter 4 Fs-2100g Gas Fuel System Fits Motorvac on

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Kalispell, Montana, United States

Kalispell, Montana, United States

Replacement 3-micron Spin-On Filter for FS-2100G Gas Fuel System Cleaning, fits Motorvac and other similar machines.

The advantage of using a two-line fuel system is the ability to "scrub" out the fuel supply rail and lift the contaminants out of the injector inlet screens during that process.  Electronically injected gasoline engines use injector inlet screens with an average rating of 3-6 micron.  It is important to use a filter capable of removing the contaminants.  Otherwise, they pass through the filter and recontaminate the fuel rail.

Designed for use with Auto Care USA detergent part # FSC-G.  Please see our detergents and other adapters in our Auto Care USA Fuel System Cleaning and Fuel System Adapters categories.

To purchase optional vehicle specific fuel system adapters please see our adapter category in out eBay store or contact us.

The Benefits of Fuel System Service-- This periodic and curative service restores engine performance to gasoline vehicles by removing dirt, carbon deposits, gums and varnishes from fuel, exhaust and air intake systems on gasoline engines—fuel injected or carbureted. Built-in diagnostic capabilities on Auto Care USA fuel exchange machines enable a technician to conveniently check fuel pressure, fuel volume, regulator opening-closing pressures, and system leak-down (internal pressure loss) while hooked to the fuel system.

  • Restores engine to peak performance. Safely cleans the throttle plate, idle speed control, and upper intake tract areas of carbon, gums, and varnish.
  • Restores idle speed, throttle response and fuel efficiency.
  • Requires only a simple installation near the throttle plate opening.
  • Can be operated by junior level technician.
  • Helps control fleet maintenance costs. Builds repeat service business and gross profits.

The FS-200 can be used to remove deposits from the intake manifold, intake valves, combustion chamber and throttle valve. This operation is usually performed in conjunction with cleaning the injectors.

The S-Sprayer adapter is designed to clean vehicle air intake systems—throttle plate, plenum without opening fuel lines.


The Benefits of Fuel System Service - This periodic and curative service restores engine performance to gasoline vehicles by removing dirt, carbon deposits, gums and varnishes from fuel, exhaust and air intake systems on fuel-injected gasoline engines.

How it Works
Simple and easy to operate, the FS-200, when used with FSC-G cleaning solution, removes carbon, gum, varnish and other contaminants from the engine's fuel system and combustion surfaces. Used as directed, a service (cleaning) will reduce emissions, restore horsepower, drivability, and fuel mileage.

The FS-200 uses a sprayer nozzle installed as close to the throttle plate as possible. While a fully-warmed-up engine is running at approximately 1500 RPM, a mixture of FSC-G cleaning solution is sprayed into the engine's air intake system to clean the intake manifold, intake valves and throttle plate. The carbon and other contaminants are removed from the engine via the exhaust system.


System Maintenance - The FS-200 is designed to give many years of trouble free operation. Maintenance is generally limited to cleaning the S-Sprayer after each use: Using our model FS-200 canister in a well ventilated area away from sparks or open flame, pour in 2-3 ounces of mineral spirits and then operate the nozzle into a shop towel to flush out any residual fuel system cleaning solution.

Limited Warranty
This product is warranted by Auto Care USA to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one year from date of purchase by original purchaser. If the product fails within this period, it will be repaired or replaced at seller's option; provided (1) the product is submitted with proof of purchase date and (2) transportation charges are prepaid to the nearest Service Center. Liability under this warranty is expressly limited to repairing or replacing the product or parts thereof. This warranty does not apply to product or parts broken by accident, negligence, overload, abuse, or if they have been tampered with in any way. This warranty does not apply to service hoses and adapters which may need replacing do to normal wear. If this warranty does not apply, then the purchaser shall pay all costs for labor, material and transportation.

Note: The use of this apparatus for any purpose other than the services described will render this warranty null and void. No other warranties are expressed or implied.

S-Sprayer Tool Use and Cleaning Instructions
Thank you for purchasing the Auto Care USA plenum and throttle plate cleaning “S-Sprayer". Proper use and proper cleaning of this tool after each use will provide many years of dependable service. CAUTION: Product sprayed through the S-Sprayer” can be extremely flammable especially when sprayed as a mist, use extreme caution when cleaning or using your nozzle and perform the operation outdoors with plenty of ventilation and away from any sparks or flame. Avoid eye and skin contact and avoid inhaling fumes when working with any cleaning solutions and chemicals by wearing appropriate protective gear during use. Never point the sprayer nozzle toward your body, the nozzle is capable of injecting solution directly through your skin causing personal injury or death.

Please read the following prior to using your new tool.

This tool has been designed for use with Auto Care USA part # FSC-G cleaning solution and other similar fuel system detergent based solutions. The solution can be dispensed through the sprayer using your existing fuel system cleaning machine, however an air pressure canister such as our model FS-200 is much more convenient. Our model FS-200 provides an easy method of dispensing straight, non-diluted cleaning solution without losing a large percentage of the solution within the lines and filtering system of a typical on-vehicle fuel system cleaning machine. To obtain a thorough upper intake tract and throttle plate area cleaning using your new “S-Sprayer” tool, Auto Care USA recommends using 8 ounces of non-fuel diluted cleaning solution. Using 8 ounces of a non-fuel diluted cleaning solution will avoid catalytic converter overheat and damage, and will saturate all surfaces properly for effective cleaning. Operate a fully warmed up engine at approximately 1500 rpm while dispensing the cleaning solution directly at the throttle plate area. Avoid wetting the mass air flow sensor if equipped. When the entire product has been dispensed, immediately shut the engine off and allow it to hot soak for approximately 20 minutes before restarting.

After use it will be necessary to properly flush the fuel system cleaning solution from the S-Sprayer to avoid clogging at the nozzle tip. Our FSC-G and most other similar detergent based fuel system cleaning solutions in non-diluted form will congeal in the sprayer nozzle when left unused for a day or two. To avoid nozzle clogging we recommend flushing the nozzle after each use with mineral spirits. Using our model FS-200 canister in a well ventilated area away from sparks or open flame, pour in 2-3 ounces of mineral spirits and then operate the nozzle into a shop towel to flush out any residual fuel system cleaning solution.

Items found to be defective within 90 days will be exchanged with our "no hassle" warranty policy. Have a question about any of our products, need technical assistance? Please feel free to give us a call toll free in the USA 877-349-2327 or outside the USA 406-755-0805. Need other parts not listed? We specialize in wheel alignment equipment and stock many different types of equipment, parts, and accessories related to it. We would be happy to list the items you need in our eBay store, just contact us.

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