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Simpson Racing Helmet, Snell '75 on


Burlington, Kentucky, United States

Burlington, Kentucky, United States

Old racing helmet, got most of its use back in the late 70's, to late 80's, at Eldora, from what I understand.  Foam in the top of the helmet is original, I believe, and a little rough, same with the foam around the nose.  The rest of the padding is intact.  Size 7 1/8.

Jaguar Land Rover – Clever Finance Deal

Mon, 16 Nov 2009

JLR releases £170 million by financing cars in transit Car makers have been begging lines of credit from wherever they can in the last year as the recession has bitten hard in to their finances. Jaguar Land Rover started off down the Government Loan route, but it soon became clear that the strings attached to any Government sourced finance where unacceptable. But in a sign that the future of JLR looks pretty rosy JLR managed to secure £175 million in private financing back in August as part of a bid to raise £500 million, and Tata have refinanced the loans used to acquire JLR.

New Lexus RC Coupe for 2013 Tokyo Motor Show

Mon, 04 Nov 2013

Could this be a late entry into our gallery of the scariest cars to see in your rear-view mirror? It’s called the Lexus RC Coupe, and it’s a brand new sporting three-door model from the Japanese luxury marque, headed for showrooms in 2014. Before then it will debut at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show on 20 November.

2012 Toyota Land Cruiser V8 costs £62,285

Wed, 18 Jan 2012

2012 Toyota Land Cruiser V8 costs £62,285 The 2012 Toyota Land Cruiser V8 comes as a single model with a 4.5-litre V8 turbodiesel and big spec and costs £62,285. We reported at the end of December that the 2012 Toyota Land Cruiser V8 was going to debut on 12th January at the Brussels Motor Show and, following that debut, we now learn Toyota will be wanting a not inconsiderable £62,285 for the Land Cruiser V8 in the UK. Which is a lot of money, even for for a big off-roader, but then the V8 Land Cruiser is a lot of vehicle and, in its new 2012 iteration, it offers a lot of value for money.