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Supercharger Kit For Bmw E30 E31 E32 E34 E38 E39 E53, Eaton M112 V8 M60 And M62 on

US $4,400.00

Klingenthal, DE

Klingenthal, DE
Returns Accepted:ReturnsNotAccepted Brand:eaton Manufacturer Part Number:M112 Interchange Part Number:M112 Country of Manufacture:Germany

Supercharger kit for BMW M60 and M62 V8 engines , installed a Eaton M112 compressor to throttle original adapter , all stainless steel manifold !
Compact design - no more fumbling when installing . Installation time approximately 5 hours !
very easy
Intake dismantle reposition valves , throttle grow , extend cable guide for Drosselklappenpotie and sit on .
Lay cooling circuit
Fuel Pressure Regulator Install 12:1 FMU connect .
DME control unit with freely programmable M60 and M62 B44 Plug and Play S1 with standard set up!

Compressor kit for installation in the following vehicles
NEW E30 with M60 / M62 conversion
BMW 5 Series E34 E39 M62 B35 / B44 S1 and S2 TU
BMW 7 Series E32 / E38 M60 B40 and M62B44 TU S1 and S2
BMW 8 E31 840 i M60 and M62
E53 BMW x5 4.4l

The increase in output , depending on model, up to 380 - 420 HP -570 NM
The charger takes 0.6 -0.8 bar boost pressure depending on engine and translation !

The kit for self-installation consists of

Eaton M112 Supercharger with holders and fitting for mounting the throttle Drosselklapppe and possibly idle adjuster
Intake including water coolers for page
Injection line left and right pre-assembled hose with hose connection
Fuel Pressure Regulator with hoses and connections
Ribbed belt ( depending on engine size M60 or M62)
Water hose to cool the compressor on Aircoolers
a water cooler and an extra booster pump for cooling , optional
120 EUR charge second water cooler in original or M bumper
Integrated wastegate pressure relief valve original
Diameter inlet manifold 80 for originals connection , 2x 50mm diameter at the top and 1x35mm diameter
the bottom of the supercharger ( last picture lower intake air guide
Secondary air line aluminum relocation Only M62B44S2 150 EUR charge
Color request otherwise standard vehicle color black mat
Detailed installation instructions in writing and pictures and report emissions in copy
Engine crankcase breather membrane external + connection
Engine control unit for compressor M60 and M62 (not TU) charge 0, - EUR (at a fixed price ) ( it is no longer needed LMM ) - ( this controller alone
costs 599, - EUR )
Main Features:
Standard set-up gehts for M60 / M62 engine or plugging in r and let
- Alpha-N control system (software on intake manifold , turbo compressor can be changed)
- Air flow meter is no longer required
- Fully compatible with the software MSextra ( MegaSquirt / Tuner Studio)
- Freely programmable
- MS2 board / firmware MS2extra
- Injection map 16x16
- 12x12 ignition map
- USB interface
- Wideband Lambda Controller on Board
- Supports 8 individual coils ( no change in the board required)
- Freely programmable relay control
- Electronic boost pressure control ( Optional)
- Prepared permanent height correction
- CAN bus capable

The installation of the kit itself may successes , it is a Full installation instructions in the kit , difficulty for hobbyists 3 (1 easy 10 Car Champion) . After installation , you must have at least 98 RON octane fuel refueling. Engine modifications are not necessary ! The kit is custom-made to each appropriate vehicle Made , Custom-made !
Fits in the E31 840Ci both engine variants
in the E38 740i and the E39 540i also possible in the BMW X5 4.4 liter e34 and e32 with M60B40 .
All M60 and M62 with engine capacity of 3.5 liters and the 4.4l , 4.6 liter engine.

Importantly , the kit is Made especially for you and will take approximately 30 days ( Germany ) .
For questions, communication is happy to welcome questions from but please inquire with BMW model or
00491732189067 ( SMS)  .
Thank you very much

Example: M62b44S1 E39 B44


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