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Transponder Key Blank Fits 2014 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage * on

US $14.99

Hollywood, Florida, United States

Hollywood, Florida, United States
Condition:New Manufacturer Part Number:MIT17BKMIT3 Brand:Bartolete Keys Country/Region of Manufacture:United States Type:Car Key

This is about 1 uncut transponder key, and a second dummy regular metal head key as a gift just to open doors and trunk in case of lockout. You’ll save money and time if you keep this dummy key in your wallet and no need to call a locksmith to open up your car.

The term transponder (short-for Transmitter-responder)means an automatic device that transmits a predetermined message in response to a predefined received signal.

These car year, make and models have keys with transponders hidden inside the plastic head of the key. The owner of the car may not even be aware that the transponder is there because there are no buttons to press. When a key is inserted into the ignition lock cylinder and turned, the car's computer sends a radio signal to the transponder. Unless the transponder replies with a valid code, the computer will not allow the engine to be started. Transponder keys have no battery; they are energized by the radio signal itself.

When you attempt to start the vehicle, the onboard computer sends out a signal that is picked up by the transponder in the key. The transponder then returns a unique signal to the vehicle's computer, giving it the ok for the vehicle to start and continue to run. This all happens in less than a second, and is completely transparent to the vehicle operator. It is a very effective system that does its job without the vehicle owner having to think about it, or modify his / her usual routine.

This system was introduced to help reduce vehicle crime. If the transponder key is missing or faulty the car will not start.

A few years ago, these keys were only available through the dealer, and the price they charge is really expensive (From $90 to $149 depending the Car).

Today, you can get these keys here, and get it delivered to your door.

Is a very easy purchase, you stay home, wait for the key, SAVE MONEY, and have the spear key you needed.

You can take it to most hardware stores, home improvement centers or locksmith shops to cut it and duplicate your original key. Once you have cut the key, you'll need to program it. That could be done by a professional locksmith, the dealer, or by yourself.

With the Item you'll receive the programming instructions. But to do it yourself, you'll need to have at least two original working programmed keys. If you don't have the two working keys, you can just go to a locksmith with your working key to cut and program it. Taking this key with you is going to cost you much less than the regular $125 that most locksmiths charge.

It Fits:

Mitsubishi Mirage (2014-2015)

If you have any question, just ask!

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