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Turbo Charger on

US $225.00

North Tonawanda, New York, United States

North Tonawanda, New York, United States
All turbo and super chargers are rebuilt to factory spec's. This is a listing for services.
Country/Region of Manufacture:United States

You are bidding on a services Auction, this listing will be set to a fixed price, "IF" this site allows a fixed price auction. How this normally work's, is like this. "You " the customer buy's my service of rebuilding your super charger or your turbo charger, Once I get your verified payment I will send you an email with a prepaid shipping lable. you will then send me your turbo or super charger, with a detailed list of what the problem is with your charger. I will then "REBUILD" your charger system. This will be done to the spec's of your "OEM" -Manufacturer of the vehicle you have. All internal parts will be cleaned, and replaced with "Brand New" seals, Rings and gears if it has them. I am doing this service because I love working on cars and trucks and I love saving people money. So instead of paying anywhere from $350.00-- $2,900 or more for a brand new charger, you just send the used one to me and I Repair, Rebuild and Restore your system back to how it was when it was Brand New.Once the system is Rebuilt, Normally within 3-7 day's I will send it back to you with overnight delivery so you get your system back within a "Logical" time period, so your not waiting a few weeks or longer, Like you would if you sent it some where else. I guarentee all my work for 120 day's against Faulty Workmanship as well as Faulty Part's, Which I have never had any problems because I only use quality part's.NO, I will not use cheaper parts for any reason. If I use cheaper parts I would not be able to sleep at night, Because as you should know, Your charger is a major part of your engine, and if it is done wrong It will not function properly and it could cause damage to your engine or system components.So Please dont ask me to use cheap parts, or ask me to use "Scrap" Bodies. It will never happen.....

Contest: LA Design Challenge 2007

Fri, 19 Oct 2007 00:00:00 -0700

Audi Virtuea Quattro Designed at the Volkswagen/Audi Design Center California by Heather Shaw, Jae Min, Mattijs Van Tuijl, Karl Strahlendorf and Christian Schoen; the Virtuea Quattro is a single-seat autonomous driving machine. It functions as a solid unit at its core, while providing a myriad of possible holographic exteriors stored in a library and accessible through the vehicle's 'interactive holographic interface'.  Powered by hydrogen, the vehicle combines artificial intelligence with avenues of self-expression. The Virtuea's holographic exterior provides a variety of possibilities, allowing the driver to select from the most innovative designs from one minute to the next.

Electric cars amped up with £500 million boost

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THE GOVERNMENT is to extend the £5,000 grant scheme open to anyone who buys a car with plug-in electric power. It is part of a £500 million move to encourage car owners – and city authorities – to take up the electric car baton and run with it. The initiative will give cities a chance to win government funding to further the sales of electric cars in their areas, for example by allowing them to use bus lanes or park for free.

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Jaguar will this summer cease production of the XK 2+2 GT car after 18 years at the top of the Coventry firm’s model range. The decision to stop making the XK comes after the hugely successful launch of the F-Type – which, say analysts, has led to a big fall in XK sales as thousands of buyers queues up to buy the F-Type. Jaguar XK review (2009 onwards) Jaguar XKR-S Coupe review (2011 onwards) Some estimate Jaguar could triple its sports car volumes with the F-Type over the XK.