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Vintage Stilko Toilet Paper Oil Filter Finned Aluminum Hotrod Ratrod Gasser on


Imperial Beach, California, United States

Imperial Beach, California, United States

Vintage Stilko Toilet Paper Oil Filter Finned Aluminum HotRod

 Ratrod Gasser 

This Stilko Filter is dent free. It has the usual dings present in handling.   There are very minor teeth marks on some of the fins.  Tool Hash marks grouped together on the top of the filter are the major damage as indicated in the photos.  There is damage to the vertical filter tool removal fin as indicated. The horizontal fins damaged which are located adjacent to the vertical fin appears to be from the initial items mold.   The filter has not been cleaned externally.  The body of the Stilko filter is aluminum which can sustain a very high polish.  There are a few internal components to these filters, of which two are missing.  The Regulator spring and spacer are missing.  The toilet paper roll was already in place.  The original toilet paper is vintage also.  This filter is in its "As Found" condition. Sitting on the shelf dust/debri.  This Filter is missing the top O-ring.  This size rubber O-ring is easily acquired.    This filter does not come with the filter removal wrench.  This filter was found in San Diego.  This is a rare find! The "Short" filter is less common.   This is the " Short"  filter.   Please note the "Patent Pending" indicator.  This is the early version of this filter type.  It has a 3/4"  thread diameter in the center for the spin on.  3/4" filter thread has many applications.  Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, European cars etc       Please look for my other Stilko filters on Ebay.  

Merdad vision of the Range Rover Evoque – the Evoque Mer-Nazz

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The Merdad Evoque Mer-Nazz We’re already starting to see the first efforts of the pimpers, tuners, modders and customisers on the new Range Rover Evoque surfacing, and the latest is the Merdad Evoque Mer-Nazz Regular readers with good memories will remember Merdad as the man unfortunate enough to be the UK arm of the Gemballa operation when everything went wrong for Uwe Gemballa. That meant the end of Gemballa in the UK, but Merdad has bounced back with his now eponymous company to create extreme cars for those with tastes for more unsubtle forms of car customisation. Merdad’s first effort was a very Gembala-esque two-door Cayenne, but he went British with a subsequent effort when he created the McLaren MP4-12C MehRon, which we took to be an homage to Ron Dennis.

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The U.S. Department of Transportation is looking into whether Toyota Motor Corp.'s problems with unintended acceleration can be traced to defects in the electrical controls rather than just the mechanical problems cited by the automaker, a Transportation official said Tuesday. “We're not finished with Toyota and are continuing to review possible defects and monitor the implementation of the recalls,” Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said in a statement.

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By Gavin Green First Official Pictures 14 January 2008 01:34 Affluent German makers now try the shotgun rather than the sniper’s approach to new model sectors – fire enough speculative models out into the market, and some are sure to hit the target. We’ve had sports activity vehicles, urban activity vehicles and just about every other type of crazy crossover as carefully focused as a blunderbuss. Now BMW invents yet another niche – the sports activity coupé.