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Vintage Stilko Toilet Paper Oil Filter Finned Aluminum Hotrod Ratrod Gasser on


Imperial Beach, California, United States

Imperial Beach, California, United States

Vintage Stilko Toilet Paper Oil Filter Finned Aluminum HotRod

 Ratrod Gasser 

This Stilko Filter is dent free. It has the usual dings present in handling.   There are very minor teeth marks on some of the fins.  Tool Hash marks grouped together on the top of the filter are the major damage as indicated in the photos.  There is damage to the vertical filter tool removal fin as indicated. The horizontal fins damaged which are located adjacent to the vertical fin appears to be from the initial items mold.   The filter has not been cleaned externally.  The body of the Stilko filter is aluminum which can sustain a very high polish.  There are a few internal components to these filters, of which two are missing.  The Regulator spring and spacer are missing.  The toilet paper roll was already in place.  The original toilet paper is vintage also.  This filter is in its "As Found" condition. Sitting on the shelf dust/debri.  This Filter is missing the top O-ring.  This size rubber O-ring is easily acquired.    This filter does not come with the filter removal wrench.  This filter was found in San Diego.  This is a rare find! The "Short" filter is less common.   This is the " Short"  filter.   Please note the "Patent Pending" indicator.  This is the early version of this filter type.  It has a 3/4"  thread diameter in the center for the spin on.  3/4" filter thread has many applications.  Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, European cars etc       Please look for my other Stilko filters on Ebay.  

Audi A1 quattro snow ballet (video)

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The Audi A1 quattro struts its stuff on snow After the news yesterday that the Audi A1 quattro will cost an enormous £41k, we though video of the A1 quattro in action might help. Yes, the Audi A1 quattro costs a ridiculous amount of money by any sane standards, but set aside your head and look at it with your heart, and it’s an appealing car. Especially when you see the A1 quattro handling the snowy track in this A1 quattro video.

Volkswagen BlueMotion at Frankfurt

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The new VW BlueMotion versions of the Polo, Golf & Passat will be at Frankfurt this month The most efficient of the BlueMotion models is – hardly surprising – the new Polo Bluemotion. The Polo emits just 87g/km CO2 and manages to travel at least 870 miles on a tank of juice., averaging as it does 85.6 mpg. The new 1.2 litre three pot common rail diesel in the Polo produces 74bhp which is driven through a fibe speed manual ‘box and features stop-start and longer gearing.

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High-ranking officials at Porsche's Weissach research and development center in Germany have confirmed that engineering work is progressing on a four-cylinder horizontally opposed gasoline engine, details of which were first revealed by Autoweek earlier this year. The new boxer unit--which is earmarked to power a new mid-engine, entry-level model that insiders describe as a spiritual successor to the iconic 550 Spyder--looks set to become an integral part of Porsche's future model plans. Insiders suggest it will also be offered on the third-generation Boxster and the second-generation Cayman later on in their respective model cycles.