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Windshield Repair Bridge Tool Resin Lamp on

US $179.00

Moscow, Russian Federation

Moscow, Russian Federation
Condition:New Country/Region of Manufacture:Russian Federation

Popular set, repair car windshield. Set allows you to easily remove the cracked and chipped.
The kit is intended for beginners and experienced professionals.

Bridge on the suction cup allows you to quickly, accurately and safely place the device on the windshield of the car. The screw has a protective cap that does not scratch the glass.
The bridge is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, coated scratch-resistant bridge.
The injector is made of stainless steel, it is supplied with a rubber seal. Additional injector adapter allows you to repair large chips.
Powerful lamp prisoske- effectively dry polymer (resin)
Resin (adhesive) for repairing, 2 * 15 mL - without stirring

1. Bridge + spare seal injector
2. The injector adapter + spare seal repair large chips
3. Ergonomic drill + drill, 4pcs
4. The polymer (resin) 2 * 15 mL, repair cracks and chips
5. Lamp 12v, drying the polymer (resin)
6. Adjusting plate for drying the polymer (resin)
7. Inspection mirror with suction cup
8. Blades, 3pcs. Removal of residual polymer (resin)
9. The correction plate for drying the polymer (resin)
10. Additional tool

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