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11 Inch Vibratory Parts Feeder Bowl Feeder Small Parts Spiral Black Rubber 120 V on

US $269.00

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

  This a perfect working unit. Runs on 110-120 volts.I ran a hand full of 1/4" nuts through it to watch it work..Works perfectly.This is a very quiet and smooth running machine..The cord is 7 feet long. There are no dents or problems with the bowl, and is very smooth for great working parts running, It feels like it has a black rubber coating on it, and there are no chips or cracks in it anywhere. It also has some air actuated unit on it for the parts working function of it. Both switches work great, and have quick replaceable fuse areas. The adjustable speed control dial works great too..I will ship right away.

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