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Gooderstone King's Lynn, United Kingdom

Gooderstone King's Lynn, United Kingdom
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Brand:skytronic Output Voltage:230 Manufacturer Part Number:651.626 Features:SOFT START, MODIFIED SINE WAVE, USB Charger Input Voltage:12V







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Soft start Power Inverter

This Skytronic 300 Watt Soft Start Power Inverter connects to a 12 Volt van, truck or boat battery and inverts the power to provide mains electricity.

The Skytronic 300 Watt 12V power inverter connects either directly to the car or boat battery with the supplied jumper leads or to an in-car cigarette lighter. The Skytronic 300W 12 Volt Power Inverter has a 3 pin UK power socket and has a continuous maximum power output of 300 Watts. The unit connects the cigarette lighter the maximum output will be 300 Watts. The unit can manage up to 450 watts for short periods of time, this accounts for the start up surge that you get with many appliances.

What Can I Use It With?
Everything with a rating of 300W or below. This would include most portable TVs, notebook computers, battery chargers, video cameras, portable hi-fis, electric shavers etc. This is a modified sine wave inverter, so is ideal for everything except capacitive loads (such as fluorescent lighting), for these it would be best to use a pure sine wave inverter.
Do not use a modified sine wave inverter with fluorescent lighting, domestic refrigerators or with power tool fast chargers, the capacitive load may damage the inverter. Also, if you wish to use the inverter with an extension lead do not use a lead which has surge/spike protection as these also have storage capacitors.

The Skytronic 300 Watt Soft Start Power Inverter stabilized output voltage and short-circuit and overload protection with LED fault indicator. The Power inverter is soft start, which protects attached equipment from surge.


  • Soft start power inverter protects attached equipment from start up surge
  • Ideal for use with trucks batteries
  • 12V input
  • 230V AC 50Hz output
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Battery low/high shut-down (so you cannot completely flatten your car or boat battery)
  • Short circuit and overload protection
  • Over temperature protection

One year manufacturer's guarantee.

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