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1984 944 5 Spd Porsche -parts Car Only -no Title on

US $800.00

Fairfield, Pennsylvania, US

Fairfield, Pennsylvania, US
Returns Accepted:ReturnsNotAccepted Country of Manufacture:Germany

1984 944 5 Spd transmission Porsche

parts vehicle only

 you will also receive both door panels + 1 more,

spare tire, both door arm rests +1 more, 

extra set of head lights & fog lights

(these lights.+1 more items came off of another 944)

which are all in rear of vehicle

has No Title

This paragraph is for all those who are ?ing

 why there is no title

(the vehicle does not have any liens on it

nor is it stolen

the lady I bought the car from can't find the title

for it was her son's car and he died

so I bought it as a parts car to strip

but I no longer have the time )

must purchase whole car includes extras

will not part out ,

No Tag,Title or Tax fees


  buyer is responsible for pickup of vehicle

shipping is NOT FREE as invoice may indicate

will Not deliver,No warranties,

No refunds & will NOT SHIP

your buying car "AS IS"

                                Thanks for viewing!

Vehicle is located at 19 Centennial st

                               Fairfield,Pa 17320

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