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4 Piston Brake Calipers on


Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Cleveland, Ohio, United States

this auction is for 4 aluminum calipers , Outlaw brand ,I think they are the 3000 series , I think there from early 2000 year, I would think they would need cleaning and a  rebuild , 3.5 in centers for mounting, 2 calipers have 1 1/4 in pistons and 2 have 1 5/8 piston , there for 1.25 rotors ,

2015 Kia K900 first drive

Thu, 23 Jan 2014

What Is It? You can look at the coming Kia K900 luxury sedan in two ways: 1.) Kia is following in the tire tracks of its owner/big brother Hyundai in moving upscale at a graduated pace, allowing current buyers somewhere to go as they gain income and look for prestige; or 2.) Kia is ignoring what happened to Volkswagen when it introduced the way upscale Phaeton to rave reviews but disastrous sales. Kia claims answer No.

Ferrari 4×4 Hybrid system on the drawing board

Sat, 23 May 2009

One of the drawings Ferrari has submitted to the European Patent Office for a 4x4 Hybrid System [ad#ad-1] Actually, the headline is quite literal. It would appear that Ferrari is working on four wheel drive hybrid propulsion systems after plans submitted to the European Patent Office were uncovered by Autocar. It’s been known for some time that Ferrari has been working on Hybrid and 4WD systems, but these drawings show that Ferrari is in fact looking at a simpler system designed more to aid handling than to benefit the environment.

New gadget immobilises cars with electronic pulse

Tue, 03 Dec 2013

Mitsubishi It might sound futuristic, but British technology company E2V has developed a prototype gadget capable of remotely stopping a car using a burst of electromagnetic radiation. Although it does appear to be a piece of equipment from the ‘James Bond bad guy’ locker, this technology really does work and could be used by police forces in the future. On Bing: see pictures of speeding carsHow motoring convictions affect your car insurance So bank robbers beware – even speeders, too.