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Ac A/c Air Conditioner Fin Comb Straightener / Straighten Bent A/c Fins on

US $14.99

Canton, Michigan, United States

Canton, Michigan, United States
AC A/C Air Conditioner Fin Comb Straightener / Straighten Bent A/C Fins, US $14.99, image 1


Fin Straightening Comb for AC Condensers Radiators


  • Straightens Bent Fins on A/C Condensers and Radiators to increase air flow

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One Lap of the Web: Russian dash-cam ghost machines

Tue, 22 Apr 2014

-- Brace yourselves, people: "Dynamic" is not the only marketing buzzword of the moment. Now there's "velocity," which makes sense if you think of cars designed to move forward in some form or another. It actually refers to how fast an auto dealer can get you a cup of coffee, a pat on the back and a signature on the dotted line, as Lindsay Chappelle of Automotive News explains.

Having a baby in our Jaguar S-type

Tue, 08 Jun 2010

Those of us that are fathers or expectant fathers, and also like driving must have occasionally daydreamed about what would happen if their wife suddenly went into labour at home and things progress rather more quickly than the oh-so-reassuring leaflets the NHS give out. Resulting in a truly heroic drive to the hospital, arriving, against all odds, just before the baby is born – to the admiration of all concerned. Including Plod, who naturally failed to keep up with you as you went through traffic lights, right angle bends and narrow country lanes at the speed of light….

Car industry needs to agree on an app standard

Fri, 10 Jan 2014

Application developers who want their programs to run in cars are flush with options -- too many options. They can choose to target Toyota Entune standard, Ford Smart Device Link, BMW Connect, and many more. All, by the way, completely incompatible with each other, meaning that any programmer who wants their app in multiple cars has a long road ahead of them.