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‘Selfie’ drivers risking their lives

Fri, 21 Mar 2014

ONE IN 14 drivers admits taking a ‘selfie’ photo on their mobile phone while driving, despite official figures showing that one in ten (9%) of drivers have had an accident while using the phone at the wheel.

Young drivers are the most likely to use their mobile phone to take a selfie, which is a picture of the phone user taken by themselves. A further one on 20 drivers also owns up to using a social media app on their smartphone while driving to send photos they have just taken friends.

These figures add to the 35% of drivers who use their phone while driving. The police across the whole of the UK report issuing 118,000 fixed penalty notices for using a hand-held phone when driving.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists’ Director, Neil Greig, said: ‘Research shows that it is simply not possible to use a mobile phone in any way whilst driving and stay safe no matter how confident you may be in your driving ability. This seems to be another form of peer pressure to take part in the latest trend and the best way to avoid it is to give young people the skills to stand up for themselves and not follow the herd.’

By Press Association reporters