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'Vespa Segway' unveiled in Spain

Mon, 23 Dec 2013

A SPANISH company has revealed what must be the coolest-looking Segway ever made, built using parts designed for classic Vespa scooters.

Standard Segway scooters are, let’s face it, a bit dull, especially in the styling stakes, which is why Barcelona-based Bel&Bel has built this.

Officially called the Zero Scooter, it uses ordinary Segway running gear but wrapped in much, much jazzier Vespa clothes.

At present it’s the only one of its kind, but Bel&Bel is looking to release a limited run in 2014 if demand is high enough.

The Italian scooter parts are modified and fitted together with a height-adjustable handlebar, helping to make this a completely unique and remarkable piece of urban transport.

It’s operated in the normal Segway fashion, responding to its rider’s shifts in weight to provide forward, backward and turning movement.

It can reach about 12mph flat out courtesy of its two motors, with 30-35 miles possible on a single battery charge.

Customers can choose and add customisations and spec changes to make their Zero Scooter truly theirs, and special colours can be requested, too.

Bel&Bel has put a starting price of €2,899 (£2,421) on the funky Vespa-based Segway’s head, excluding any import duty or additional taxes individual countries might levy – which is currently zero within the EU.

Shipping costs around €120-150 in a protective wooden box.

By Press Association reporter