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2011 / 2012 Kia Rio teased

Wed, 12 Jan 2011

2011 Kia Rio Sketch

Kia has come a long way in the last few years. Its cars continue to become more relevant, the designs more contemporary and the cars more appealing. But that only applies to the very newest stuff. Older stuff – like the current Kia Rio – really are unappealing and bland. Cheap, yes, but not much to recommend them beyond that.

Still, the Kia Rio managed to sell 205,000 last year, so either we’re wrong or the world is full of drivers who don’t like driving or cars. Perhaps a bit of both. But soon lovers of the Kia Rio should be able to have a Rio that’s still cheap but is fun to own and drive. According to Kia.

The 2011 Kia Rio - teased above in a sketch released this morning by Kia – is “…designed to inject emotional appeal into the B-segment, targeting progressive, energetic consumers who want a stand-out design.” Which will be something of a change from the current car, then.

But it dos look promising. The new Rio is longer, lower and wider than the current car – almost coupe-like – and has the current Tiger nose at the front, together with swept-back headlights like the new Kia Sportage.

And it’s not just a ‘Stand-Out Design’ for the exterior Kia are trumpeting. They say “Inside, new Rio will offer a feeling of quality typically associated with larger, more expensive models.” Whose larger models they don’t say, but we have to assume they mean ones with nice interiors.

The 2011 / 2012 Kia Ria will show up as a car, not a sketch, at the Geneva Motor Show in March before going on sale by the fourth quarter of 2011.

And, mickey-taking aside, it should be a huge improvement on the current Rio.

By Cars UK