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2011 Honda Jazz facelift & prices

Tue, 30 Nov 2010

The Honda Jazz Facelift 2011

Honda has decided it’s time to have a tweak and a fiddle with its Jazz supermini. So not only do we get treated to a Honda Jazz facelift, we also have the prospect of a Jazz Hybrid. Oh, joy.

On the cosmetic front there’s nothing to get too excited about. The Jazz gets a bit of a nose job which results in a small improvement in its drag co-efficient. And as far as we can work out the only other thing to change is a the back bumper – slightly.

On the interior here’s a few bits of chrome added to the cabin and a leather trim option – all the better for those down-sizing to a Jazz, according to Honda. There’s also a darker dashboard material – all the better to contrast with the orange and blue back lighting of the dials. Apparently.

There are also four new colours available across the petrol range – Azure Blue, Polished Metal, Urban Titanium and Ionized Bronze. The Hybrid version also benefits from Azure Blue plus two new colours – a vibrant Lime Green Metallic and Taffeta White

Despite the almost paltry cosmetic changes, there are more significant changes to the oily bits on the 2011 Honda Jazz. The 1.2 and 1.4 litre lumps are tweaked to bring small improvement in economy and emissions – although nothing to write home about – and the suspension gets tweaked to increase ride comfort and handling. The steering also gets looked at and the setup now has more feel.

The two main bits of news for Jazz buyers is that the CVT ‘box makes a return and Honda are going to bolt the hybrid bits from the Insight in to the Jazz to create the Jazz Hybrid (we reported the Honda Jazz Hybrid from the Paris Motor Show).

The Honda Jazz Hybrid will get the CVT ‘box as standard (and manage 62.8 mpg and emit 104g/km CO2) and will be an option on the 1.4 litre petrol.

The Honda Jazz will start at £11,295 when the Jazz facelift goes on sale in February 2011 with the new Jazz Hybrid HE costing £15,995.

By Cars UK