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2012 Ford B-Max beats the competion on economy & emissions

Thu, 09 Feb 2012

The 2012 Ford B-Max has sector best economy and emissions

With the 2102 Ford B-Max due to debut in production guise at Geneva in a few weeks, Ford are claiming sector best emissions and economy.

Just last week we had the first photos of the production version of the 2012 Ford B-Max, heralding the arrival of Ford’s new compact MPV at Geneva 2012, ahead of its arrival in Ford showrooms in the Summer.

Now Ford are keen to let us know that the B-Max isn’t just a cleverly designed and decent-looking MPV, but it’s got the competition nailed with class-leading figures for economy and emissions.

Ford say that the class-leading figures have been achieved by using a raft of technology to tame thirst and CO2, including auto stop-start, Smart Regenerative Charging and the slightly less high-tech gear shift indicator and Eco Mode information system. But the systems Ford has bolted on to the B-Max have certainly been effective in hitting the right figures on official tests.

If you opt for the 1.6 litre TDI with 94bhp, the B-Max will average 70.6mpg (or at least it will in official tests) and emit 104g/km CO2, handily undercutting the Meriva. If you prefer petrol for your B-Max (and unless you do a decent mileage, you should) then the new 1.0 litre, 3-cylinder 118bhp Ecoboost can return 57.6mpg and 114g/km. According to Ford that’s at least 20g/km and 7.5mpg better than any of the competition.

You’ll never get the sort of economy and emissions Ford claim for the B-Max in the real world, but then you’ll never get the figures the competition claim either. But at least the comparison is valid.

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