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2012 Jaguar XF: New XF & XFR New York reveal

Thu, 21 Apr 2011

2012 Jaguar XF - the XF comes of age

Update: We now also have video of the 2012 Jaguar XF and the 2012 XFR below.

Exactly as expected, and with pretty much all the changes we predicted, Jaguar has launched the 2012 Jaguar XF and 2012 Jaguar XFR at the New York Motor Show.

Probably best to start with the biggest news, certainly in terms of future sales, which is the arrival of the 2.2 litre Diesel XF, a move which should see sales of the already hugely successful XF double.

Jaguar has taken the 4-pot 2.2 litre diesel lump found sideways in the Land Rover Freelander 2, turned it north-south, and given it a Jag makeover to create the AJ-i4D.

Extra sound deadening and insulation along with tweaks to the block, a new camshaft and water-cooled turbo create a refined workhorse engine ideal for the XF, with economy of 52.3mpg, emissions of 149g/km and a reasonable ability to get a lick on, with a 0-60mph of around 8 seconds.

Both the new i4D and the existing V6D get hooked-up to a new 8-speed ZF auto and get a clever-sounding stop-start which is said to restart more quickly than other systems, and no doubt contributes to the economy figure on the i4D. It also cuts Co2 by 10g/km and improves economy by 2.8mpg on the V6D.

Cosmetically, the changes give us the look we would probably have got if Jaguar were as confident when the XF launched as they now are. The front of the XF now looks like a convincing cross between the XJ and the original XF concept - the Jaguar C-XF Concept. All good.

The bonnet is lower and the power bulge on the bonnet is bigger, and the new headlights and new lower bumper complete a rhinoplasty which endows the XF with much of the aggression, confidence and dynamism of the XJ.

On the flanks there are little vents at the back of the front wings, and the arse gets a tweak with LED lights which grow in to the bootlid, and a new chrome blade running across the boot above which sits a ‘Jaguar Leaper’, the move to confidently state ‘Jaguar’ without actually having to write it all over the car. Just as Ian Callum predicted when the XJ launched.

The changes continue across the range, with the XF Diesel S getting full aerodynamic styling, adaptive suspension and an R Performance interior. The XFR gets the same exterior changes but with extra steroids.

Interior changes are small – the XF interior is already one of the best in the world – and consist of a set of little tweaks that just raise the bar that bit higher. There’s a new steering wheel and fresh switchgear for the HVAC, along with new screens and tweaked SatNav and Infotainment functions. The seats also get a restyle and a bit more support.

Already our favourite car in its class, the 2012 XF looks even more appealing.

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