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2012 Lexus GS Spy Video

Wed, 27 Jul 2011

2012 Lexus GS on track at Toyota's huge proving ground in Belgium

We’ve managed to churn out a number of stories on the 2012 Lexus GS over the last few weeks as Lexus ramps up the interest in their new GS ahead of its debut at Pebble Beach in August.

It all started with the Lexus LF-Gh concept at Geneva in the spring – the new GS in Concept guise –  since when our spy photographers have managed to grab shots of a disguised GS out ploughing round the Nurburgring and we’ve had a Lexus boss musing the likelihood of a Lexus GS Coupe – and an official announcement that the GS 350 will arrive at Pebble.

Now we get one of the oxymorons of car PR in the internet age – the ‘Official’ Spy Video. Yes, Lexus has been busy with their camcorders shooting the new GS in Europe, complete with its black padded clothing (which is rapidly taking over from the recent black and white swirly paint job as the disguise of choice for new cars).

Lexus managed to pick a pretty miserable day to shoot the footage of the new GS, rather boringly processing along a rain-soaked piece of tarmac at the huge Toyota proving ground at Zaventem in Belgium. Although the weather wasn’t really the fault of the Lexus film crew – it’s done nothing but rain across central Europe these last few weeks.

What we see in the spy video of the new GS is nothing new. Feedback from those who’v driven it say that it is a big jump forward from the current GS – already a good car – and from what we can see, and have already seen on previous spy shots, the GS is going to be very much in line with the LF-Gh Concept.

Let’s hope the new GS lives up to the promise it’s showing. And gets power plants other than hybrid.

By Cars UK