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2012 Mercedes S Class to spawn a convertible

Tue, 17 May 2011

The n2012 Mercedes S Class will lose its top

It’s probably a sign of increasing decrepitude as it seems only five minutes since Mercedes launched the current S Class, but already we’re talking about the 2012 Mercedes S Class – and it’s only a year away.

As has always been the case with a new S-Class we can look forward to a raft of new innovations when the new S Class launches late next year; clever stuff that will eventually filter down to the cars of lesser mortals as the technology matures and the cost falls.

And that clever stuff will be packaged up in a big saloon car – the normal S-Class – an even bigger car – the LWB S-Class – and a huge two door coupe – the Mercedes CL, which is expected to be renamed the S-Class Coupe when the new S-Class launches.

But it looks like the 2012 S-Class (2013 S-Class if you’re on the Colonial side of the Pond) will also spawn an S-Class Coupe Convertible, or whatever moniker Mercedes decides to attach to a car which looks like it’s planned to go up against Bentley’s Continental GTC and…probably nothingĀ else.

Doubtless we will get every iteration of powertrain in the S Class Convertible, from a 200bhp four-pot all the way up to a mighty 650bhp AMG.

Another niche filled by Mercedes.

By Cars UK