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2012 Mercedes SL Leak

Tue, 13 Dec 2011

2012 Mercedes SL leaks ahead of Detroit debut

The 2012 Mercedes SL will debut at the Detroit Motor Show in January, and we’ve had the first leak of the new SL brochure.

The new Mercedes SL (which is either a 2012 or 2013 model, depending on which side of the Pond you are) is due to arrive in January at the Detroit Motor Show. But it’s turned up a bit earlier than Mercedes wants thanks to a brochure leak picked up by the guys at

Actually, Mercedes are due to send out the first photos of the 2012 SL on Thursday, so the leak of what appears to be an SL brochure will probably speed that up; we will probably be back to the new SL story when we get the Mercedes News later today.

What we get in the new SL is what we’ve come to expect from the Sport Light, and this time it looks like Mercedes have made the SL more Sport and more Light. Mercedes are making a big show of how much lighter the new SL is thanks to the liberal use of aluminium, and we can also expect it to be a bit more sporty too.

But that sporty bit won’t be too hardcore; the SL is really a Grand Tourer rather than a sports car, so expect the ride to be cosseting rather than hard and employ a raft of technology to make everything work how you want, when you want and with as little thought as possible. Magic Roof, Magic Ride and Magic everything else will be the order of the day.

More on the 2012 SL when Mercedes send us the official details. It won’t be long.


By Cars UK