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2012 Renault Twingo Facelift revealed

Thu, 28 Jul 2011

Renault Twingo gets a new nose for 2012

The Renault Twingo is Renault’s smallest car, and not one we Brits have really taken to our hearts, at least not unless we need very basic hire car when in Europe.

So a 2012 facelift for the Twingo may not be huge news, but it is the last step on the way to an all-new Twing0 which will share its underpinnings with the next generation Smart and, we assume, become rear wheel drive in the process.

The facelift we get on the Twingo looks like it’s going to be just the nose, as that’s the only photo Renault has released, unless they have a surprise in store for the Twingo when it arrives at Frankfurt in September. But that’s very unlikely.

And actually, for a stop-gap tweak to freshen up, it looks convincing and current. Renault say the design of the nose is inspired by their current crop of concept stuff, and it does have a bit of a look of the Frendzy concept, which we’ll also see at Frankfurt.

We’re assuming Renault will reveal more about the Twingo facelift – if there’s anything more to it than just the new nose – as Frankfurt looms.

We’ll update then.


By Cars UK