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2013 Dodge Viper to debut at 2012 New York Motor Show

Thu, 01 Dec 2011

2013 Dodge Viper to arrive at 2012 NY Auto Show

The ultimate American Muscle car – the Dodge Viper – is to return to showrooms with an all new 2013 MY Viper launching at the 2012 New York Auto Show in April.

There was a time – in the mire of Chrysler’s woes – when there was a chance the world would lose the mad muscle car that is the Dodge Viper.

But Chrysler managed to rise Phoenix-like from the ashes of its financial turmoil, to be given a lifeline from Sergio Marchionne’s desire to rule the auto world with Fiat, and common sense returned.

So, although the Dodge Viper is currently out of production, Chrysler are planning a new Viper to reassert the American Muscle Car’s place in a car world obsessed by eco-priorities. And quite right to.

With Fiat pulling the strings at Chrysler the Interwebs have been crammed with conjecture about the new Viper, from a Ferrari engine to a re-badged Maserati. But Chrysler would be barking mad to change the recipe that’s worked for American Muscle cars since they¬†first¬†tickled American car buyer’s fancy generations ago.

That means big cubic inches and a bonnet that goes on forever. But what will be underneath the new Viper?

It seems likely it will still come with a big V10 edging ever closer to 9.0 litres, but it also seems likely its platform will come from something already in the Fiat stable. That almost certainly means a Maserati platform, and probably the GranTurismo.

Using the GranTurismo’s platform would endow the Viper with an extra layer of class without diluting what really makes the Viper special – it’s sheer brute force and almost cartoon-like design.

But we’ll find out in New York in the Spring exactly what Chrysler have done to make the 2013 Dodge Viper the new American dream.

Source: Viper Club of America

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