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2013 Focus RS with 380bhp confirmed

Fri, 05 Aug 2011

2013 Ford Focus RS confirmed with 380bhp

We never really had any doubt that Ford would produce an RS version of the new Focus. Although we did think that the 2012 Focus RS would come with a hybrid setup giving 4WD. But it seems not.

Gunnar Herrmann – who is Ford’s head of small cars globally – has been in Australia for the launch of the new Focus. And ‘Drive’ got the chance to throw a few questions at Herr Herrmann (which sounds like a name from Allo Allo) who was surprisingly forthcoming.

Gunnar (for that is far easier than Herr Herrman) said that Ford are indeed working on a new RS and that we can expect it in late 2013 (a bit later than we’d expected).

He also went on to say that Ford are working with development units producing 380bhp in the Focus RS and that they are still going to rely on RevoKnuckle to keep the front wheels in check, because they are going to stick with FWD and not use a couple of electric motors on the back wheels for a hybrid setup.

Ford are going to use the 2.0 litre EcoBoost in the 2013 RS ┬ábut push it up to nearly 400bhp – which must be at the edge of its reliability. We would have thought a hybrid setup with electric motors on the back wheels would have been easier on the engine, and cast a nice green glow to polish Ford’s eco-cred in the process.

But at least Ford are going to make a new generation Focus RS. Good news.



By Cars UK