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2013 Hyundai i30 3-door arrives on video

Thu, 15 Nov 2012

The next variant on the Hyundai i30 – the 3-door i30 – has arrived on video ahead of arriving in Hyundai’s Uk showrooms.

Not only are there endless press releases for the news the car makers want you to know about, but there’s an even more endless stream of feeds coming in to make sure we miss nothing.

Throw in all the car makers’ web sites, their press sites, their Facebook pages, their Twitter feeds and their YouTube channels – never mind keeping up with those who might just know something the rest of the world doesn’t yet know – and it’s a full-time job for a team of people before a story even gets written.

But despite our best efforts, we managed to miss Hyundai UK deciding to produce the first video of the new 3-door i30. True, it’s not the most exciting bit of scoop news you’ll come across this week, but as the 3-door i30 is a slicker version of a car that’s given VW something to worry about (and looks like it’s coming with the Velsoter’s turbo soon), we did think Hyundai might have considered it worthwhile shouting out their new VT.

To be fair, they did. But they hid it on their YouTube channel instead of actually telling anyone. And we missed it. But the team of AOL elves at Autoblog were busy enough to find it and let us know. So thank you elves.

Maybe now Hyundai UK has finished playing at being Spielberg with new i30 3-door they can turn in to Bailey and churn out more than the two photos they’ve managed so far?

By Cars UK