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A Very Merry Red Bull Christmas

Sat, 25 Dec 2010

Red Bull’s 2010 Christmas Card

Over the last couple of years we’ve featured Bernie Ecclestone’s Christmas Cards as our Christmas Day greeting to readers, as they’ve been by far the most amusing to come our way.

In 2008 we saw Bernie’s Christmas card feature a mickey-take of Max Mosley and his extra cirruclar activities amongst the more ‘forceful’ working girls in London town. We followed that up in 2009 with Bernie’s Christmas card once again, this time featuring a mickey-take of his sometime business partner Flavio Briatore as a pirate.

So we’d looked forward to Bernie’s Christmas card this year, but this year Bernie has lost his crown as sender of the most amusing Christmas card in the mad world of F1 to Red Bull. So, just for a change, we thought we’d bring you Red Bull’s seasonal offering instead.

And we might as well make the most of this little piece of festive amusement, as next year the root of this bit of humour – team orders – will once again be fair play in F1. But for this year it wasn’t legal and Red Bull have made the most of Ferrari’s blatant disregard for current F1 rules.

We see F1 Champion Sebastian Vettel in a race with Santa’s sleigh, when a voice coming over the radio saying “Santa is faster than you. Please confirm you understand this message!” By far the best card of the year.

We’ve let Cars UK overworked and underpaid staff off the leash for the day so they can scatter to the four corners of the country to make merry with their nearest and dearest. So there’ll be no more news or reviews for today. But may we wish all our loyal readers a very happy Christmas. Eat, drink and make merrry.

I know that’s what we’ll be doing.

By Cars UK