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A glimpse of the Audi TT RS

Sat, 21 Feb 2009

Yes, yet another in the endless teaser series that is an even bigger factor before Geneva next month than it ever seems to have been before.

This time Audi is playing with artful shots of the Audi TT RS. But actually, this wasn’t planned yet, but after the pictures leaked out (the joys of the Interweb) Audi has bitten the bullet and released them officially.

A back-end teaser shot of the Audi TT-RS, due to launch at Geneva next month

So what do we see? Well, an RS badge. There’s a surprise. But at least it proves Audi has managed to get the right to use the coveted RS badge from parent Porsche. And a fixed wing at the back, instead of the adjustable version found on lesser models. What else? Well, the bumper is somewhat similar to the R8 V12 TDi concept Audi flaunted recently (and which has been binned because Audi couldn’t stop the car from overheating). And twin oval exhausts. But that’s about it from the these shots.

But the interesting things are really what we already know. This TT-RS will be a baby R8 in all but name (which beggars the question: Are Audi really planning an R4?), with around 350bhp and a 0-60 under 5 seconds. It will use a five-pot engine (a concept that really put Audi on the map) of 2.5 litres, with twin turbos, delivering around 350bhp and 330lb/ft of torque.

It seems likely that Audi will release both the coupe and roadster versions at Geneva next month, both with AWD and a six-speed dual clutch ‘box. The interior will get an up-market Alcantara re-work and a bespoke set of wheels will come as standard.

More when Audi stop playing games and give us some meat.

By Cars UK