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AM DBS becomes the new Aston Martin Vanquish

Sun, 03 Jun 2012

The new Aston Martin DBS debuted at Villa D’Este as the Project AM310. But it’s going to be the new Aston Martin Vanquish when it arrives.

It’s a problem we all face: What do we call our new offspring?

Do we use a family name – recent or modern – or do we go for something new? In the world of Aston Martin that means a limited supply of names gone by or a new one that must almost be obliged to start with ‘V’.

We thought it too early to revive the Vanquish name when we revealed the DBS would get a new name and Vantage – which was always the ‘daddy’ – now gets attached to Aston Martin’s entry-level car. Perhaps Vignale or, as one reader suggested (tongue in cheek), the Aston Martin Virile?

But Aston Martin has decided that their new DBS – which we exclusively revealed would be unveiled at Villa D’Este - complete with all its new carbon fibre bits, One-77 influence and 565bhp from its V12, will come with the Aston Martin Vanquish badge when it hits showrooms. Which we know thanks to an opportunistic video grabbed by CAR (below).

The original Vanquish only went out of production in 2007 and it’s as if the DBS is just being written out of Aston Martin’s history, even though it’s a far better car than the unreliable Vanquish ever was. But what this news does do is more or less confirm that Aston Martin are giving up on the DB moniker, which makes the DB9 replacement likely to be the new Aston Martin Vignale.

Unless Aston Martin decide to call it the DB7.

Source: Car Magazine



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