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Alfa Romeo 4C Concept video – lest we forget

Mon, 25 Jul 2011

Alfa Romeo release an Alfa 4C Video

One of the most appealing cars at this year’s Geneva Motor Show was the Alfa Romeo 4C, a good-looking, mid-engined, 2-seater coupe. Better still, Alfa let it be known that this 4C Concept wasn’t just for fun, it was on the way to a showroom near you.

In fact we believed the Alfa 4C was the car that would be the halo model for Alfa Romeo’s return to the American market, at that time expected to be in 2012 but, as we reported recently, that plan is going a bit awry.

It seems that having the hugely sexy Alfa 4C as a halo car, the Giulietta as a modest-sized hatch and the MiTo as a super-mini isn’t flying well at Alfa – they want to offer more when they start to punt their wares on US soil.

Surprisingly – well, surprisingly to us at least – Alfa aren’t considering taking the MiTo to the US and are not even going to take the yet-to-be-revealed Giulia as a hatch, but are busy trying to graft a boot on the back without it looking silly – which is apparently the main cause of the delay.

Alfa then plan to launch with a Jeep-based Alfa SUV, the Alfa 4C and the Giulia with a boot (Giulia Sedan) to mop up sales from Americans who want something Italian and sexy on four wheels, but who can’t afford a Ferrari or Maserati and don’t want a Fiat. But none of this will happen until 2013.

Which means a lot of the fizz that surrounded the reveal of the 4C at Geneva will have been forgotten by the time Alfa has their US act together. But Alfa has a cunning plan – an Alfa 4C video to keep the pot boiling until the time comes to get the real thing on the road.

We should probably be charitable and say it’s possible that the Alfa 4C video could also be to keep interest bubbling along ahead of a much earlier launch in Europe.

But we don’t think Alfa is that organised on the 4C.

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