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Alfa Romeo 4C Concept: Alfa’s baby 8C debuts

Tue, 01 Mar 2011

Alfa Romeo 4C

We had a stab at guessing what the Alfa Romeo 4C would be like once we knew it was likely that Alfa were taking the 4C – a baby Alfa 8C – to Geneva. But we didn’t have much to go on.

If we’d guessed that the Alfa 4C would be, in almost every sense that matters, a scaled-down 8C we wouldn’t have been far wrong. Which in terms of looks bodes well.¬†Except the engine’s moved to mid-ships. ¬†And with the engine in the middle it should handle better than its big brother.

The Alfa 4C is around 13′ long and gets a mid-mounted, 1750cc Turbo Multi-Air lump good for 197bhp. It gets the Alfa TCT automatic twin clutch ‘box and should have a 0-60mph of under 5 seconds but still deliver good economy and decent emissions, thanks not just to its powerplant but a svelte 850kg kerb weight.

The suspension is by way of double wishbones at the front and MacPherson struts out back with a F:R 40:60 balance. The 4C also gets Alfa’s DNA technology which sets up the throttle response, steering and suspension to suit.

The Alfa Rome 4C may be billed a concept, but it will be hitting showrooms in 2012. It looks – in every way that matters – a proper Alfa.

Or even a baby Ferrari?

By Cars UK