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Alfa Romeo 8C Spider at Geneva

Fri, 07 Mar 2008

By Mark Walton

Motor Shows

07 March 2008 17:11

What’s new on the Alfa Romeo Geneva Motor Show stand?

Alfa’s youthful new CEO Luca De Meo swept into Geneva like the heir-apparent he no doubt is, to unveil the Alfa Romeo 8C Spider. Even though this is now a well-known car that’s been previewed a dozen times at events around the world (including the 2006 Goodwood Festival of Speed and 2005 Pebble Beach) it still drew a big crowd for the official launch; and when the silky red cover was drawn off, there were still an audible gasp from audience, despite the familiarity. Shown in white with dark grey alloys and a deep tan interior, the Spider is an achingly beautiful car – a stunning, proper, drop-dead drop-top, arguably even more sensuous and dramatic than the 8C Competizione coupe that preceded it.

Like the coupe, the Spider has a Maserati-derived 4.7-litre V8, producing 444bhp and driving the rear wheels through a 6-speed gearbox. Like the coupe, there will be just 500 available worldwide, all left-hand drive. Like the coupe, the price is pretty high in Alfa terms – 175,500 euros, pre-tax (compared to 160k for the coupe). And like the Competizione, the Spider is a guaranteed sell-out  worldwide, so if you want one… well, by the time you read this I daresay you’re already too late.

CAR highlightThat scalloped body line that comes off the front wheelarch. In white the car looks tense like a loaded crossbow.

What were they thinking?De Meo’s trousers were a little short. You could actually see a glimpse of sock. It’s the fashion, apparently.

In a nutshell

Another unbelievably desirable car from Alfa… that you can’t buy.


By Mark Walton