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Alfa Romeo Giulietta; Uma Thurman; William Shakespeare. Mix & Serve

Mon, 17 May 2010

Uma Thurman is the new face - and everything else - of Alfa Romeo

We do have a huge passion for Alfa Romeos at Cars UK. From the rust bucket Alfa Suds of our youth (well, at least us oldies in the office) to the less than convincing drive that is the Alfa 8C Comeptizione. Flawed? No question. Cute? Not very. Reliable and good value for money? Getting there – but that’s not the point.

The point is that almost every Alfa Romeo ever made is as sexy as hell. But how do you convey that to buyers who don’t yet ‘Get’ the whole Alfa thing? One way is by association with a well known face. Alfa tried it before with Catherine Zeta Jones.

Maybe it’s the whole ‘Darling Buds of May’ thing, but cute springs to mind rather than just damn sexy. But so does pretentious prat after the hoo-haa over the wedding pics with Douglas Jnr and the court case (with OK or Hello or one of those celeb rag-mags). So for us the Zeta Jones Alfa 159 ads didn’t really work. So something new was needed for the soon to launch Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

What was needed was someone who wasn’t cute, but so sexy you’d walk over hot coals just for the chance to play. Someone who wasn’t safe and predictable, but fascinating and a more than a little dangerous. Someone who wouldn’t bend to your will at the drop of a hat, but fight you all the way. Someone who’s a very sexy challenge. Just like a good Alfa.

So Alfa got Uma Thurman. She may not be Italian but she fits the bill better than anyone we can think of. And Alfa are running a set of five ads – the first is below. The tag line is courtesy of the Bard – “We are such stuff as dreams are made on”.

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By Cars UK