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Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA Concept 2009 – more details

Mon, 23 Feb 2009

The Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA Concept - a great looking car.

A few days ago we brought you a bit of meat to add to the bones of the Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA Concept, which is the Hot version of the hugely successful MiTo range. Well now Alfa Romeo has given us even more meat, and some extra images, to tease and tantalise.

Based on the standard MiTo, the GTA is a lowered and sorted version sporting the legendary GTA badge (Gran Turismo Alleggerito), which means a powerful and light (as in Superleggera) version.

The engine in the MiTo GTA is just 1749cc, but Alfa has managed to squeeze 240bhp out of it, with a combination of  variable valve timing, direct injection and some pretty powerful turbos, coupled with a fair but of electronic wizardry. Alfa is claiming that this will give the GTA not only great performance, but low emissions and good mpg.

Helping on the economy front is the weight reduction on the MiTo GTA, including carbon fibre for the spoiler, mirror housings and roof, and extensive use of aluminium throughout the GTA’s body and components. No word from Alfa on exactly what the weight reduction is, but is should be significant.

Alfa are making big play of the underfloor aerodynamic achievements on the MiTo GTA,. together with new suspension geometry, and a 20mm lowering, which should offer great handling. The standard Alfa Romeo MiTo has great handling (and some pretty clever electronics) to keep it in shape, and Alfa are promising that the GTA will be even better without sacrificing ride comfort. Neat trick if they pull it off.

The MiTo GTA is not that far away from production, despite the ‘Concept’ tag, so if you’re about to buy a MINI JCW or a Renaultsport Megane, I would wait and see, if I were you!

By Cars UK