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Arash AF-10 Launches

Sun, 22 Aug 2010

The Arash AF-10 gets a 'Launch'

Perhaps ‘Launches’ is a bit strong. But you can now place an order for the Arash AF-10 and go play with the AF-10 configurator on their web site. Which is definitley a step in the right direction, even if we’re yet to be totally convinced that Arash Farboud can actually make a go of the AF-10.

Arash is from a wealthy Iranian / Persian family who sold their very successful pharmacutical company a few years ago for an amount of money that has allowed Arash to play at being Enzo Ferrari/Horacia Pagani/Ferruccio Lamborghini, but not yet with the sort of success those gentleman eventually enjoyed.

Arash Farboud’s first big effort as a supercar/hypercar magnate was with Farboud and Farbio Sports Cars and plans to build the Farboud GTS. But it never really happened and Arash extricated himself from the eponymously named company (which was subsequently sold to Ginetta – where the GTS still hasn’t surfaced).

For the last five or six years Arash has been ‘developing’ the Arash AF-10 from a small facility in rural Cambridgeshire. His money has brought in real talent including Loris Bicocchi, a man involved in both the Veyron and Koneingsegg CCX, so the expertise should be there. But does the Arash AF-10 offer anything new?

To our cynical eyes it seems like an updated Enzo clone with a stock LS-7 lump from GM (not even the LS-9). In fact, you could almost consider this a mid-engined, re-clothed Corvette. Power – which is around 550bhp in standard form – gets put to the rear wheels through a Graziano GT-ME1 ‘box. All perfectly good specs, and there’s nothing wrong with using the Enzo as the inspiration for the Arsah AF-10. But then we come to the price.

Arash intend offering the AF-10 in standard tune for €360,000. Which is on the hefty side of hefty by our reckoning. But then it gets plain daft. There are supposed to be both 800bhp and 1200bhp versions of the Arash AF-10 with the 1200bhp version listing at an unbelievable €1,600,000 + tax. Or the same price as the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

Sorry, Arash. We’d love to see you succeed. But this is Cuckoo-Land.

By Cars UK