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Arnie gets a Mercedes Unimog (video)

Sat, 01 Sep 2012

Former Governor and ex-Mr Universe Arnold Schwarzenegger trades in his Hummer for a Mercedes Unimog.

You’re one of the most famous faces in the world, you were Governor of California and, in a previous life, Mr Universe. You’re Arnold Schwarzenegger and you have an image to maintain.

So having spent thirty years cultivating that image you discover your wheels of choice – the Hummer – is no longer a viable option after the green brigade have forced your monster SUV in to the annuls of history. What to do?

Arnie has gone back to his Austrian roots and picked a mode of transport that makes the Hummer look like a pussy cat – the Mercedes Unimog.

We’re not too sure exactly which Unimog Arnie has bought (although we’re sure someone will tell us) especially as Mercedes no longer export the Unimog to the States. But, as far as we know, the Unimog only comes with a diesel lump – not exactly commonplace in California – so Mr Schwarzenegger will have to be careful where he fills up.

But whatever’s under the bonnet of the Unimog, Arnie won’t be winning the traffic light grand prix. But he can be pretty sure most traffic will steer well clear when they see the ex-Governator behind the wheel of a Unimog bearing down on them.

He’s back.

By Cars UK