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Aston Martin Cygnet – the intro begins +video

Mon, 04 Jan 2010

There's a promo video for the AM Cygnet featuring the sport of Parkour - Free-Running

When we first reported that Aston Martin were buying in the Toyota iQ to turn it in to a ‘Mini-Me’ Aston Martin – the Aston Martin Cygnet – we were pretty sure that AM were for real, even though they did call it a Concept.

That feeling was more than affirmed a couple of weeks ago when Aston Martin released a few official pictures of the Cygnet and gave us some production targets – 2000 a year in Europe. But only sold to existing AM customers. And only to a wider market place if the Cygnet really caught a wave of popularity.

Which all made sense. The Cygnet is about giving AM a sheen of an Eco-Halo to keep the Envir-mentalists off their backs and give them a helping hand with the ridiculous CO2 targets being imposed on car makers  - a couple of thousand little AM Cygnets a year would do wonders for their CO2 average. And of course they really would make great city runarounds for owners of big AMs and as AM courtesy cars.

But we have to wonder if Aston Martin are reaching much further afield for their customer base for the Cygnet straight out of the gate. They’ve released a ‘Teaser’video for the Cygnet featuring a bunch of ‘Parkour’ players – the mad French sport of ‘Free-Running where the participants bound up and over obstacles instead of around them – which is a million miles away from the normal AM video.

It suits the car. But does it give the lie to the claim that the Cygnet is aimed only at current Aston Martin owners?

By Cars UK