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Aston Martin DBS UB 2010 – the ‘Bez’ Special

Thu, 04 Mar 2010

The Aston Martin DBS UB-2010 - perfect if you want a Bez-Mobile

Special edition cars are used by car makers as a way to shift some extra metal by seemingly offering either something not normally available, or at a discount from list price if you’d specified the extras you get on the Special Edition on a standard car.

Aston Martin has played this game lately with the Limited Edition DBS Carbon Black and V12 Vantage Carbon Black, offering something extra and a bit different for more money. And now they’re offering a new Limited Edition DBS which uses the other reason for a Limited Edition Car – the anniversary. Only they’ve managed to tie in the less-used Limited Edition tool – the ‘Celeb Name’ Limited Edition.

The Aston Martin DBS UB 2010 is a DBS to commemorate 10 years of Dr. Ulrich Bez’s leadership at Aston Martin. Which is nice for Ulrich and nice for the buyers who want a car specified to his tastes, for that is what you get with the DBS UB. And it’s an honour too; particularly for a ‘Suit’. It tends to be the ‘Glory Boys’ who get honoured (the SLR Sterling Moss or the Lamborghini LP550-2 Balboni) or ‘Family’ (Ferrari Dino, Mercedes Benz).

The Limited Edition – 20 Coupes and 20 Volantes – all get finished in Azurite Black with metallic bronze leather which has woven seat inserts and a ‘Cryptic Titan’ finish on the facia. You’ll get a UB-2010 sill plaque with the good doctor’s moniker on and a plaque also signed by Ulrich.

Who knows, the  ’Cult of the Suit’ could catch on at AM. Maybe Aston Martin will go the whole hog and drop the DB prefix for its models (after former owner David Brown) and go the full ‘UB’ route.

Aston Martin UB10, anybody?

By Cars UK