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Aston Martin One-77 Nurburgring Spy Video

Fri, 29 Oct 2010

The Aston Martin One-77 gets a run at the Nurburgring - Video below

For real car lovers the ‘Eco’ push in recent years has left us a little perplexed. Perplexed and confused as we try to come to terms with the joys of a turbo diesel (and there are joys, much to my surprise) and the loss of big V10 and V12 engines in production cars.

Thankfully, there are still enough wealthy people in the world who don’t give a fig about the opinions of the eco-mentalists and who are inclined to buy the best that car makers can produce, regardless of eco-sensibilities. Which is why we can still glory in motoring delights like the Aston Martin One-77 even if its £1.2 million price tags is beyond the reach of most.

Sadly, the price tag of the One-77 means we have to fulfil our lusts for the glorious body and heavenly V12 of the One-77 vicariously through others, but that’s much better than losing such glories to the alter of eco-mentalism. So stand by to be green with envy as Aston Martin’s test drivers play with a pair of One-77s in and around the Nurburgring in the spy video below.

Regular readers will know we have a big soft spot for Aston Martin’s offerings, so you’ll hopefully forgive us when we say that the Aston Martin One-77 sounds better than any other V12 we can remember. Even a Ferrari V12.

Don’t you?

By Cars UK