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Aston Martin One-77 & V12 Zagato Monterey Debuts – sort of.

Mon, 15 Aug 2011

Aston Martin One-77 & V12 Zagato - US debut this month.

The world and his dog takes their supecars – new and classic - to Monterey in August, making it a wonderful place for petrolheads to be.

Which explains why AM has decided it will give a US debut to the Aston Martin One-77 and the Aston Martin V12 Zagato at a number of events during the Monterey week, including McCall’s Motorworks Revival and Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

We did think old age was creeping up when this press release came in, as we were convinced we’d seen the One-77 three times in 2009: at Villa d’Este, Salon Prive and at Pebble Beach. But a quick call to Aston Martin confirms we aren’t mad, but that the car in 2009 was the concept, and this time it’s a full production model.

Interestingly, the One-77 isn’t US legal and hasn’t been homologated, although we believe there are a handful of buyers of the 77 One-77s in the States. Perhaps they’ve managed to get them in on show and display?

As we were on the phone to Aston making sure we hadn’t lost our marbles and imagined we’d seen the One-77 on US soil in 2009, we’d ask if the news they were taking the V12 Zagato to Pebble meant they were planning on offering it for sale in the US.

Unsurprisingly, we’re back to the ‘too early to comment’ scenario from Aston Martin – just as we’ve had for two years on the same question about the One-77, until now –  but on that score the outlook for American Aston Martin fans is much more hopeful.

Unlike the entirely custom One-77, the V12 Zagato is a production Aston Martin under the skin. And as Aston Martin has already gone to the trouble of homologating the V12 Vantage for the US, it seems highly likely the V12 Zagato will be too.

But don’t hold us to it.

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