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Aston Martin-designed Santa's sleigh (2009)

Thu, 17 Dec 2009

Aston Martin designed this sleigh for Santa Claus

By Tim Pollard

First Official Pictures

17 December 2009 09:17

Ever wondered what sort of Aston Martin Father Christmas would drive? We've spent literally hours pondering exactly that question. So we decided to ask those nice folk in Gaydon to sketch out their vision of Santa's sleigh.

Here's the result – probably the speediest automotive sledge we've yet seen: the Aston Martin 2009 Santa Sleigh Concept.

A team of creatives at Aston Martin Design sketched out this new image, and it's plain to see some of the Aston design cues transferring over to this snowmobile: note the Vantage-effect rear end and they've rummaged around in the world's most expensive parts bin to recycle the gorgeous One-77 rear light clusters.

We particularly like the aerodynamic efficiency of this particular toboggan. The alloy-effect front wing is designed to cleave the wintry air more efficiently and the slipstream is carefully managed so as not to disrupt Santa's beard when flying across the chimney tops at 200mph.

Just look at him. He's clearly as pleased as punch to have traded up to an Aston. Maybe we can ask Santa for one of these for our own stockings. Have we missed first post to Lapland?

By Tim Pollard