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Aston Martin in talks with Mercedes for engine supply

Thu, 09 May 2013

It has seemed for some time that Aston Martin’s wish-list for future engines revolved around Mercedes. They currently use a V12 developed from Ford’s Mondeo V6 and a V8 that’s a development of the 4.2 litre that was in Jaguars (and Range Rovers) until a few years ago, but new engines (and new platforms) are vital if Aston are to remain competitive.

Before the recent investment in AML by Investindustrial, there were plans for Aston to use both engines and platforms from Mercedes (the Lagonda SUV was built on the underpinnings of the Mercedes GL) and even the possibility that Aston Martin would design and build the next generation Maybach.

All that came to nought, Maybach has been binned and AML soldiers on, but the recent deal with Investindustrial seems to have opened the door again to at least an engine deal with Mercedes (Investindustrial had dealings with Mercedes AMG when they owned Ducati) with Bloomberg reporting that early talks are underway to find a way to put Mercedes and AMG engines under the bonnet of Aston Martin cars.

If a deal can be struck with Mercedes it would give Aston Martin a much better way forward than trying to develop new engines and platforms themselves, because even the £500 million investment they’re planning on product development over the next few years won’t really scratch the surface if they have to start from a blank sheet.

A deal with Mercedes – especially if it’s platforms as well as engines – could also mean Lagonda rising once more with not just a (heavily redesigned)  Lagonda SUV, but a luxury car perhaps built on the new S Class platform.

Although talks between Aston Martin and Daimler (Mercedes’ parent) are at an early stage, Aston Martin are keen to tie up a deal as soon as possible so they can plot new models, powertrains and platforms.

We’ll be hearing more on the AML/Mercedes deal – sooner rather than later.

By Cars UK