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Aston Martin still aiming for a Lagonda SUV

Mon, 14 Oct 2013

Aston Martin still aiming for a Lagonda SUV (pictured)

Aston Martin has never had the easiest of financial journeys, and that’s no different today than it ever was in the David Brown days. Only last week we reported that Aston Martin made a thumping big loss in 2012, despite its cars having iconic status and generally considered to be the most beautiful cars made.

But there is light at the end of the very long tunnel of AML’s financial woes, and that revolves round the recent investment by Investindustrial in Aston Martin and its subsequent tie-in with AMG.

Investindustrial came on board at Aston Martin last year and bring with them both money and the experience of turning round Ducati, a company with an iconic product but financially rocky.

They also bring with them the link to AMG, with Aston Martin already inking a deal to take electronic architecture and engines from AMG for Aston Martin cars.

If that deal turns in to more – and Aston Martin get access to Mercedes platforms too – that opens up a whole world of possibilities, not just for Aston Martin but for the revival of the Lagonda brand too.

It seems Aston Martin must see the availability of Mercedes platforms as a likely route as AML boss, Dr Ulrich Bez, has told Australia’s Drive that the plans to revive Lagonda are still very much on the cards.

Dr Bez said:

I cannot say in three weeks or three years, but I am confident it [the revival of Lagonda] will be there.”

With the Lagonda name we have the chance to use it for everything that goes beyond what is our base car line and preferably it will be something like an SUV. But it could be – if I look at the next five or 10 year period – then I could see a variety of possibilities.

It’s unlikely Aston Martin will go the route of the Mercedes GL-based Lagonda SUV from 2009 (pictured above) but with Range Rover sales rocketing and SUVs on the way from Bentley and Rolls Royce it seems certain – as long as Mercedes play ball – that a Lagonda SUV will arrive in the next few years.

We’re just not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

By Cars UK