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Audi A1 – the design tease

Mon, 18 Jan 2010

Audi are teasing the design of the new A1 in this latest video (below)

If you’ve been living in a cave for the last few months you may have missed the news that Audi is about to launch what it hopes will be a MINI-bashing offering – the Audi A1. The A1 is actually destined for a public launch at the Geneva Motor Show in March – and Audi has threatened full disclosure for next month – but in the meantime it’s on a ‘Teaser’ blitz.

We haven’t reported on every tease (we didn’t bother with the ‘Look – the new A1 has headlights’ one last week), but we have covered some, like the graffiti advert. So we thought we ought to give the A1 another outing with the latest tease – ‘Look what we’ve designed’.

And at least we get some decent information about some of the thought processes that went in to the design of the A1 from Audi designer Jürgen Löffler. He tells us about the shoulder line of the A1 defining it by making the A1 look athletic; he tells us about the colour-contrasting roof arch running from the A-pillar; the more upright windscreen and even the slanting rear window.

As with all designers you can sense a degree of the passion for his subject matter (hidden beneath Teutonic reserve, admittedly) and the video is quite informing. And there’s a model of the A1 on Jürgen’s desk. So you can’t say Audi are giving nothing away.

But I’m bored now. Give me the meat.

By Cars UK