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Audi A4 Avant (2008): first official pictures

Wed, 20 Feb 2008

By Mark Nichol

First Official Pictures

20 February 2008 09:16

Audi knows where its bread and butter is and continues to stretch its A4 range every which way. So step forward the new A4 Avant, unveiled today.

The estate version of the A4 will major on sporty style rather than outright practicality, but the numbers are smaller (less thirsty than the old one) and larger (boot capacity up by 48 litres to 490, 1430 with the seats down) as appropriate.

That amount of space doesn’t seem class leading though
Nothing gets past you, does it? You’re right – it’s very slightly bigger than the 3-series Touring, for example, but miles behind the Mondeo estate, which trounces it with a gargantuan 1733-litre maximum loading capacity.

Audi is clearly benchmarking the 3-series though, emphasising the A4 Avant’s sporting credentials over its ability to swallow sofas and such. It naturally shares the saloon's new 'mid-front-engined' platform, whose front axle has been moved forward for better weight distribution and sharper handling.

So are you telling me it’s not practical at all?Not for a moment, but this one definitely puts style over outright size. It's certainly no Audi A4 Transit, but you do get the option of an electric rear tailgate, and the rear seats feature the obligatory 60/40 split, as well as a loading-through hatch for the A4 owner fond of snowboarding and buying CD racks from Ikea. It’s nearly five inches longer than the current Avant, which liberates extra floor space behind the front seats.

By Mark Nichol