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Audi Q8 Coupe SUV and Audi A9 coupe on the way

Sat, 24 Nov 2012

It looks like Audi are to fill more automotive niches with the Audi Q8 Coupe SUV and Audi A9 coupe planned to extend the Audi range.

The idea that Audi would jump on the coupe SUV bandwagon has been around for some time. In fact, we reported almost two years ago that Audi would be launching a range of coupe SUVs to slot in between their regular SUV offerings and would use the Q2, Q4, Q6 and Q8 monikers. And it looks like the Audi Q8 is on its way.

In fact, so advanced is the planning for the Audi Q8 that it’s already been the subject of an Audi clinic to canvas opinion and did so well Audi reckon they’ll be able to shift 25,000 a year when it launches in 2016.

Based on a long wheelbase version of the next generation MLB platform that will underpin the Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne and VW Touareg. the Audi Q8 will be to the Audi Q7 what the BMW X6 is to the BMW X5 – a swoopy SUV style statement – weigh a chunk less than today’s bloated Q7 and come with the usual choice of petrol and diesel engines plus, it seems likely, a range-topping  Q8 RS.

Also in the mix when the next Audi A8 arrives is a new Audi A9 four seat coupe. It seems Audi are still not completely sure what to do with the next generation A8, but the preferred plan is to build the A8 as just a long wheelbase luxury saloon (the thinking is that the standard wheelbase car is too close to the LWB A6 China loves) and tag on a swoopy, super luxury coupe above the A8 in the guise of an Audi A9.

An Audi A9 coupe would be a sensible option for Audi to add a luxury halo to the brand and, based on the A8, would not be a big cost option, even if it did sell in relatively low numbers. How much will the A9 coupe cost?

The wrong side of £100k at the top end seems certainty.

By Cars UK