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Audi R8 V10 5.2 FSI quattro – stunning CGI

Mon, 08 Mar 2010

Audi has created a stunning CGI video of the R8 V10 (below)

As we’ve said a thousand times before, there is no substitute for actually driving a car. However hard we try at Cars UK to tell you what a car is like, and endless photos to show you every angle and nuance in the design, it’s still a narrow experience. Video gets much closer and you get a good feel for a car by watching a video. And it’s all endlessly better than the old-fashioned monthly magazine fix which is all we had as petrol-heads until very recently.

A good example of how a car feels different in the flesh to how it appears in pictures is the Audi R8 V10. It can seem a bit anodyne in photos; a corporate supercar. But in the flesh it does look special. And to drive it is exceptional. If there is a criticism it’s that it’s almost too good. It d0es everything you ask remarkably well, without fuss or complaint. But unless you spend time with one or – even better – get to drive one, you wouldn’t realise that. But you can almost get there.

We’ve had a video drop in today which is of the Audi R8 V10. Nothing that remarkable in that, we get videos in all the time. But this is a bit different. It’s a CGI video. We think Auid may have done it for the upcoming Gran Turismo game, but we don’t know for sure. What we do know is that this CGI clip, all 100 seconds or so, gives you a better feel for the R8 V10 than anything short of us delivering one to you to sit in and play. It really is remarkably good.

And not only are all the images digitally created, so is the soundtrack. Enjoy.

By Cars UK