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Audi TT Coupe and Roadster facelift (2010) first pictures

Wed, 07 Apr 2010

This is Audi's facelifted TT Coupé and Roadster, though rather than referring to the tweaks as full-blown changes (which they're not), Ingolstadt is taking a more subtle approach and merely calling the revisions '2011 Model Year' tweaks.  

Well it’s an Audi, so all TTs now come with a set of LED daytime running lights. As for the rest of the car, come on, can’t you see the changes?

Oh, well Audi says the interior and exterior have been 'revised with great attention to detail'. By now you must have spotted the 'imposing new bumper design' that adds 20mm to the length, the chrome trim surround on the foglights, the revised lattice of the single-frame grille, and the new diffuser-style rear bumper? No? Clearly you’re not looking hard enough...

Other visual tweaks are predominantly limited to new colours inside (three) and out (four), and some trim changes that bring a few more lashing of aluminium to the interior. It's not stunning stuff, but it is probably enough to get your average TT customer frothing over their frothy coffee.

This is more like it - there's a completely new engine. The old 2.0-litre turbo and naturally aspirated 3.2 FSI have been junked for the same 2.0 TFSI found in the Mk6 Golf GTI. Power goes up from 197bhp to 208bhp, the 0-62mph time tumbles half a second to 6.1sec, the top speed climbs three notches and the engine is more efficient (42.8mpg and 154g/km against 36.7mpg and 183g/km).

The 158bhp 1.8 TFSI and 168bhp 2.0 TDI are unchanged, but Audi promises they're up to 14% more efficient than before thanks in part to a clever decoupling alternator that recharges the battery only under braking and coasting.

The hotter TTS gets a new grille, but otherwise it and the TT RS remain unchanged, the former with a 268bhp 2.0T, and the latter with a blown 2.5 five-pot producing 335bhp and 331lb ft.

The only dynamic tweak of note is the addition of a Sport button. Available (for a little more cash) on cars fitted with magnetic shock absorbers (which are standard on the TTS, an option on lesser models) the Sport button tweaks the steering and engine noise appropriately.

The revised Audi TT range will be unveiled at the 2010 Leipzig motor show this week. It's available to order now in the UK, and first deliveries to customers commence in summer 2010.

By Ben Pulman