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Audi TT ultra quattro concept sheds 300kg & heads for Worthersee

Thu, 25 Apr 2013

The TT ultra quattro concept manages to tip the scales at 1111kg, 299kg less than the starting point – the TT S quattro – thanks to a new version of the TT’s aluminium space frame, carbon fibre reinforced plastic panels, carbon fibre for many body panels and some judicious use of magnesium.

Other weight saving tricks include carbon ceramic brakes with aluminium calipers, titanium exhaust, cameras instead of heavy door mirror mechanisms, and carbon fibre and aluminium wheels.

The weight saving extends to the interior of the TT ultra quattro concept too, with carbon fibre used for the door and centre console trims and glass-fibre reinforced plastic base for the seats which saves 22kh alone. But despite the weight savings Audi hasn’t made the TT ultra quattro concept a hair shirt outing with goodies like leather seats, AirCon and electric windows still on offer.

But as well as shedding weight, the TT ultra quattro concept  also gets more oomph thanks to extra tweaks to the engine delivering an extra 38bhp which, combined with the weight loss, gives an impressive power to weight ratio of 275bhp per tonne, a 0-62mph of 4.2 seconds and 170mph top speed.

It’s possible the TT ultra quattro concept will make a limited production run, but the cost of the changes probably means it will be a truly horrible price. Still, it does show how much weight you can save on a road car without taking away all the creature comforts, even if it comes at a price.

The Audi TT ultra quattro concept will be on show at next month’s Worthersee Show.

By Cars UK